How do I use tweening?


Hi. I am new to wick, and I love it but can someone please explain to me how to use tweening? All my animations are coming out choppy.

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Hey @D_MASTER59! Here’s a few images that should help.

  1. First, add an object to a keyframe.

  2. Expand your keyframe to be more than 1 frame long.
    Here, I expand my frame to over 25 frames long.

  3. Select the keyframe, and click on the frame number you’d like your tween to start on. Then, press “Add tween keyframe” in the inspector.

  4. Select the position on your keyframe where you want the tween to end.

  5. Move your objects on the canvas! Now, you should be able to play your animation!

Whats a tweeen?

Thanks @Luxapodular! I didn’t know how to use tweening, but now I do!


Is there also a way to do shape tweening?


@GilgameshTheEpic No shape tweening yet, but we think we’ve found a way to do this in the next major version of Wick! We don’t have a planned release dat yet, but stay tuned for more info.