I found Wick Editor 1.15rc2!


I remember a month ago there was this site where you could see the version that was being developed. It was back in 1.13 when 1.14 was in development. That site showed 1.14, so today I wondered what would happen if I went back to that site, and I thought I would just find 1.14, and that’s what I originally fought when it first loaded. But then it said “Version 1.15rc1”.
So, I found Wick Editor 1.15rc1!
Also if you don’t want to click the hyperlink up there, the website is “https://test.wickeditor.com/

Notable Events:
If you click the “…and more!” link at the start, it leads to the Wick Editor 1.14 forum post!
If you copy and paste a frame over another frame, instead of not working, it will overwrite it!
It is also the same with extending frames and moving frames!

Ok, I just checked back and now there’s 1.15rc2.

Notable Events:
There’s a new hotkeys bar!
There’s a new button! (there’s literally a button named “new”)
There’s a major overhaul with the timeline. The scaling of the frames changed and there’s some new options to play around with!

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Hey @DylanExists! This is where we post preview versions of the next editor updates! This week we’re working on a bunch of new fixes for animators, so keep on checking it out for new additions!



i can’t wait to see what you add!