Wick Editor 1.14 - Video export, new timeline interface, shape tool, faster editor, crisp rendering!

Hi everyone,

Wick Editor 1.14 is live!

New Stuff

  • Video export is here! Currently, projects can be exported as .mp4 files.
  • The timeline has been given a visual update
  • Major optimization for undo/redo, project playing, and drawing tools
  • Fixed many brush bugs
  • Added the Path Cursor tool
  • Added horizontal and vertical flipping to the toolbar
  • Added boolean operations to the toolbar
  • Fancier play button, pan tool icon, and zoom tool icon
  • You can now hold D to quickly switch to the eyedropper tool (this makes changing the colors of selected objects easier) (addition by kryptot7)
  • Ctrl+G converts the selection into a new clip (addition by kryptot7)
  • Ctrl+Shift+G breaks apart the current selection (addition by kryptot7)
  • New Video Exporter!
  • New Loading bars for gif and video exporter.

Bug Fixes

  • Projects during preview play no longer look blurry
  • Preview play starts and stops much more quickly now
  • Fixed an issue where the timeline gets stuck after being resized
  • Clips that are scaled no longer look blurry in preview play
  • Fixed pasted frames appearing in the wrong positions
  • Fixed timeline GUI being blurry
  • Fixed timeline scrollbars not being clickable sometimes
  • Fixed button hitboxes not using the shape of the paths inside the button
  • Fixed hitTest
  • Fixed zoom and pan not being usable on locked layers
  • Fixed image assets not being rendered in Chrome
  • The selection box can now be used with shift held down
  • Fixed bring forward action (fix by kryptot7)
  • Undo/redo no longer affects zoom and pan

Please post any feedback you have or problems you run into, and enjoy!!


Line numbers are broken:

If you quickly press Space (pan) while clicking or dragging rapidly with the Brush tool, you can create little paths that get “stuck” and won’t disappear until you refresh.

Thanks for adding in my tweaks, and I love the performance and rendering upgrades! :star_struck:

EDIT: Another bug
I can’t access child object properties anymore. BugReport_CantAccessChildProps.wick (1.7 KB)


Thanks for finding these @kryptot7! We’ll get on them.


Hey all,

In preparation for more tutorials by @Luxapodular, we have given the timeline a fresh coat of paint in the prerelease editor. (We wanted to quickly get the whole interface updated before any footage was recorded for the videos). Please try it out!

Now it’s time to go fix a ton of bugs :sweat_smile:


It looks great!! I like the new tabs for objects and the overall visual polish. :nail_care: I’m also glad you can scroll and change the frame length manually now. And the delete layer button and the tooltips are much appreciated.

I did find several bugs, though.

  • Scrolling (both for trackpad and for mouse) happens in the opposite direction that I’d expect. When I move the scrollwheel or my fingers down, the timeline scrolls up.
    • I think my Windows setting for trackpad scrolling is the opposite of the default.
  • Scrolling also happens way too fast (especially with the mousewheel) and seems a little bit choppy/laggy.
  • I would like to be able to scroll horizontally using Shift+Scrollwheel.
  • There’s some very noticeable lag between clicking on a frame and Wick recognizing that it is selected. Moving the playhead, meanwhile, has almost no lag.
  • The tooltips and the selection highlights for tween keyframes sometimes get “stuck”. image
  • Changing the zoom level while Wick is activated still breaks timeline
  • Audio waveforms are blurry and misaligned (this picture was taken after changing zoom back to 100% and refreshing)

Browser: Firefox 68.0.1 64-bit :fox_face:


Thanks, fixed a good amount of these timeline bugs! (still need to fix some more of them, though)

I also just pushed a small update to the test branch, the changes were added to the main thread up there. :smiley:


When doch you think you can add the Feature to render animation as Video with Sound?

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The scrolling works better now. :sunny:

Found some more issues:

  • You can put a tween on a blank frame, and then add a path to the frame. Nothing will actually be tweened. If you convert the path to a Clip, it will suddenly jump to the corner of the stage (0,0).
  • You can add another Clip to a tweened layer, and it will behave erratically as the two shapes will share a transform. For example, trying to scale one of the Clips will not work as it just goes back to normal when you move the playhead. Ideally, Wick would just add any additional shapes you draw to a new layer, like the legacy version did.

This is cool!
One issue I have however is that selecting curves and points is a bit hard (Especially if a point is behind another shape)
I’d suggest limiting point/curve selection to the currently selected path(s) (if they exist). Currently it seems to be able to select points etc on everything BUT the currently selected path(s) which is counterintuitive.

On the paths topic, I’d also suggest re-adding path merging. It was a useful tool in previous versions.

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Great suggestions for the points/curves! Also, good news. We’ve added the path boolean operations in version 10.14. You can try them on test.wickeditor.com


there’s a visual bug when you expand an object, like a brush stroke.

I think that some functions in the earlier version were better than some on the 1.0.14 version. I liked how if you used the subtract tool, the object you used didn’t disappear. Or how changing the corner and side angles were different tools and how changing the size of a shape made it change on one side.

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(bumping this thread for the 1.14 release!)


Please make Wick Editor have sound sync settings like in Flash if you haven’t planned it at the moment.

Hello! i need a bit of help, i just created this account so my bad, i really need the help. I made an animation for my class, and when i save it to an mp.4, i checked and the video saved zoomed in, like it doesnt show everything just the bottom corner, is there a way to fix this or something? ive refreshed it and tried again but it keeps saving just the corner.