Image update

if you guys were to make an update to images, would you guys add the ability to erase and crop them

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I know I would if I knew how but I don’t, so I’m sorry

Hi @Sprite, welcome to the forums!
You actually can delete a image if you put it in the asset library. You can just select it, and press the trashcan-icon. Or is that not what you meant?

I think sprite means erasing PART of images. OP, take a look at the following link, it might help you.

not what i meant. i mean cropping the image as is removing certain parts of the image, to make a sprite animation or something

monospace, i appreciate the help, but im not talking about workarounds and such. im talking about a built in image cropper. is there a way to crop images or no?

i dont understand

Sorry I didn’t read your reply well so I sent that, there might be a way of cropping an image in the Wick Editor, you could do it with the subtract tool on the wick editor, I think it works with images.