Importing videos as assets

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Being able to import videos as assets similar to photos or audio.

its pretty hard to do that actually but you can use wickobj maybe they will add that with a personnal formats like flash you download an mp4 file than if they make a site where you can export it to for exemple wickvid than you put the video in than you are done

Just convert it to a gif and then import that:

but you cannot make a gif long if wick development team can make wickvid it will BEE OP

I have no idea what your trying to say

like adobe animate you can put videos but wick you cannot if the wick development team can make wickvid which you will need to download an mp4 file than export it on maybe like https wick/export than you will export it to wickvid than you drag it to the wick canvas than you are done

still dont undrstand

You can use an iframe to add a video in your project

I tried your code but it doesn’t work for me
I created a new clip named it iframe
add the code you have on your clip -“”;
getting a black screen. What am I doing wrong?
please help!
with thanks

Did you check the code inside of the clip? There’s more there.
(I would also recommend copy-pasting the clip to the project that you wanbe a longer process.)

I can see only one line of code. I am not a coder but a designer trying to add a video.

how do I copy-paste the clip to the project?
Thanks for all your help
bet naz

Select the iframe clip, and click ctrl + c, or click the copy button:

Then, you could open another project, and click ctrl + v, or click the paste button (right next to the copy button).

Also, double clicking any clip will take you inside of it (from inside the clip is where you could resize the iframe from by resizing the “box” clip). Editing clips from inside is a cool trick you’ll probably need in the future.

Let me know if you find any trouble with using the iframe, and good luck with your project :)

Thank you so much copy-paste, worked!
greatly appreciate it

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