Is There A Way Code To Run Without Needing To Play The Project

I’m trying to make custom brushes with this. I’m using Wick Editor 1.19.4

wait how did you get 19.4

and maybe, you might be able to fork it?

idk, im not specialized in this stuff, but someone has brought something like this before

You mean this one?

Do you know the answer to the topic?

So you want to add custom brushes to the wick editor, you may have to clone the project from github and add it using js and other languages.

I don’t know how to do that, could you explain?

Unfortunately there is not a short and good explanation. This is a complex task to do, but you could start at youtube studying… git / github, js node, npm, html, css, react, and paper.js.

The wick project has some instructions, but they are not so easy to follow, specially since all these tools have been updated, and the wick project uses old versions of these libraries / frameworks.

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yeah, thanks

Is there a way to run code without needing to play the project?
I don’t know any ways to do that. As @Jovanny mentioned, you could fork the editor and add all kinds of features you like… if you don’t have the experience to do that, there could be some workarounds to what you’re trying to accomplish.

You can create the brush tool inside of a Wick project and make it so that whatever you draw stays inside the frame even after the project stops.

I combined pumpkinhead’s sendToFront() code, to keep the brush in front, my pen drawing code, to change color & size of the brush (I really need to update that thread), and the cached Serialize Data code (which I found from reading through the editor’s source code) to keep the path objects in the project even after it stops running, and with these I was able to create a super simple pixel brush tool inside of wick as an example of what I mean.

I decided to make a pixel brush bc it’s the simplest option, feel free to make a different type of brush.
You can also export the brush as a wick object by selecting it and clicking control+e, then you could upload it to the asset library whenever needed.

Wick Editor 1.19.3

pixel drawing tool5-4-2023_8-12-16.wick (2.3 KB)
^ Feel free to use anything in this file as you need

keyboard shortcuts

Here are some shortcuts I added:
right arrow = Pan right
left arrow = Pan left
up arrow = Pan up
down arrow = Pan down
control + z = Undo
c = Change the color