Send clip to front/back

wicklayers.wick (10.5 KB)

I figured out how to make clips go to front/back, and how to send them forward/backward

In the demo, click on the circles to send them forward.

How to use

In the demo get the frame named “pkhead_wicklayers” and put it in your project. The script in the frame will then put several functions in the clip object so you can change their z-order.

To make a clip go to front, write clip.sendToFront();
To make a clip go to the back, write clip.sendToBack();
To make a clip go forward three, write clip.sendForward(3);
To make a clip go backward two, write clip.sendForward(-2);

This will work on any clip as long as you have the frame in there and the script in the frame ran at least once


I was about to open a new topic about that… I was wondering how to do it. Thank you!

I suggested this back on May 20, I actually had it on a VERY VERY long list of suggestions.
Glad that someone found a way to add this to wick :slight_smile:

Is there a way to test which layer an object is on?