List of Commands for Wick


There needs to be a list of commands so we can speed up the process of making animations.


Hey @KingOfCoders. What kind of commands would you want to see listed and where would you want this list to exist? Have any examples from other programs you’re thinking of?


I think you should be able to copy frames forward in commands, like Control+Shift+C, and this list should exist on the forums.


Can there also be a feature to change the commands?


Yeah, like Settings


This is definitely something wick needs really badly. Will be making a keyboard commands list + settings page for the next update (after the drawing tools update)

Good suggestion y’all ~~


Other commands that would be helpful:
Ctrl / Cmd - G: Group Objects
F5: Extend Frame
F6: Insert Keyframe
F7: Insert Blank Keyframe
F8: Convert Objects to Clips or Buttons


Yes! This would be a great idea for quick access and smooth editing.


Hey all -

Just added a hotkeys window + a few new keyboard shortcuts. Take a look at the prerelease to test them out: Wick 0.08 Prerelase


Yeah! I tested it out. Pretty nice how you did (Modifier) because of Mac and Window Users are different.


(=) to Zoom In and (-) to Zoom Out would be very helpful. :smile: