Mobile App/Website


I want to work on my projects on mobile. Here are some suggestions about it.

I really like the idea of an app for Wick Editor. I have an Android phone and I really wish that I could use Wick Editor on my phone. If I don’t have a computer available, I can just use my phone. It would be like the website just scaled down to fit the size of the phone. It would save the data by either putting the .wick file on the files app or on Google Drive. You could get .wick files from the files app or Google Drive.

If an app isn’t available, a website could be good enough. I don’t know if websites can do this, but maybe it could download and get .wick files from the files app or Google Drive just like an app can. Scale down the interface to fit the phone, and it will be good enough. It will need to update it’s actions though. Holding and dragging would be a replacement for selecting. It would also need to receive seperates updates, since hotkeys would be impossible. It would also need a redesign, because the buttons may be too small and it may not be accurate because the canvas may be too small.

Looking at this, this isn’t really that plausible. It would require seperate updates, redesigns, and more. It is just fun to think about though.

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