Moving on to Greener Pastures

Hello all. It’s me again.
I bet most of you haven’t seen me in a while because my interests are evolving and i’ve found new programs and no longer participate in these forums as much as i did many days ago. It’s been a wild ride with FFR, Square Adventures, but good things gotta come to an end sometime. To all that i have met here, and those i’ve worked with, i wish you all success. I may still occasionally pop up but i wanna write something formal and to tell everyone that i care for you all, despite my absence.

I’ll always remember this place, but it’s time for me to go, as i’m just not who i used to be and i’ve moved on from the editor and many past interests.
Goodbye all.


Cheers mate, best of luck to ya wherever you’re heading

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also while i still have this topic open, i’d like to personally thank @KringlePrinkles. Man is mad talented and knows how to do pretty much everything
keep creatin stuff man

nooo dont leave :(

wow I completely forgot Square Adventures existed, anyway, nooooo don’t leave.

well, bye forever. you will be missed

bye you will be missed