[New Release] Wick Editor 1.19 - New Code Editor, Reference

Hi Everyone!

We’ve got a version preview up on test.wickeditor.com. We’ve got a big code editor update for you all!

  1. The Code Editor has been redesigned!

  2. The code editor now has a console!

  3. The interactive reference should be easier to read!

  4. The code editor has several new themes and options!

  5. Hit Test has gotten an Upgrade! Check out the new object.hits() method for more info and try out our new example! NewHitsDemo.wick (50.9 KB)

  6. New icons and colors have been added to actions in the inspector to help new users understand the interface, and make instruction easier.

Additionally, the website’s learn page has been redesigned with usability and accessibility in mind.

  1. The Learn page is now split into 3 categories.

  2. A new reference has been added:

  3. New interactive examples have been created for each reference item that can be downloaded and opened in the editor!

New Mobile/Small Screen Inspector
The Inspector has been redesigned for use on small screen and mobile devices! Check it out!

New Path Interactions!
The Path Cursor has gotten an upgrade (Thanks to poke1024 on GitHub, who ported this code from the legacy wick editor!)

Double Clicking with the Path Cursor Reveals Control Points for a path
Screen Shot 2020-12-09 at 4.22.17 PM

Control points can be dragged!
Screen Shot 2020-12-09 at 4.22.28 PM

Bezier Handles on each point can also be altered to create custom shapes
Screen Shot 2020-12-09 at 4.22.34 PM

Double Clicking on an edge will ad a point, while alt-clicking will remove a point!
Screen Shot 2020-12-09 at 4.23.11 PM

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed a bug/crash where opening a new project would leave extra event listeners on the window.
  2. Fixed a bug where objects would create extra copies of themselves internally
  3. Fixed a bug where objects that were cloned would leav copies of themselves internally, slowing the project.
  4. Fixed a bug where removing a clone would not remove it from the .clones array.
  5. Fixed a bug where interactions would count as history for undo/redo, even though nothing happened! (undo/redo should be better now).
  6. Fixed a bug with random.float and random.integer where it would return null values or values outside of the given range! (Thanks to comradesparklepony on github).
  7. Fixed several labeling bugs throughout the editor where accessible labels were either broken or missing.

Bug Fixes 12/3

  1. The zoom box now zooms properly! (Thanks sporklypony!)
  2. The code editor now focuses when switching tabs.
  3. Creating clips from selection now maintains the correct draw order
  4. Settings window now closes when applying or canceling changes.
  5. Fixed some small visual bugs with the button footers in the settings window.
  6. Elements only reload their JSON and path data when needed.
  7. Asset library size has been adjusted so it takes less space.
  8. Drag and Drop Images onto the canvas now actually adds the image to the canvas
  9. Clips now run their unload script properly when the frame is left.
  10. Clips now run the unload scripts when an object is deleted.
  11. Images in clones now render.
  12. Drawing tools now throw an error if the selected color is transparent.
  13. Tablets and touch screens can now hide and lock layer buttons.
  14. .wickobj files with images now import properly.
  15. Selecting multiple objects is now over 50x faster!

Bug Fixes 12/9
23. Frames are now created when dragging assets to empty frame. (Thanks to sporklpony!)
24. Dropdowns now show up properly over other divs! (Thanks sporklpony, again!)
25. Preloaders are now removed after the editor and project loads. (sporklpony, you’re a legend!)

Bug Fixes 1/11 - 1.19.2
26. Fixed an issue with autosave. Autosave should run more frequently now.
27. Fixed an issue where random numbers returned by random.integer() would not include the upper bound in their range.


wow… I’m speechless :no_mouth:

this update looks amazing! :star_struck:


The Wick Editor ghost looks really weird with a mouth shown in the .parent example. Probably because I’ve never seen the ghost with a mouth before.


yes i know his official name is probably flashy the ghost, but i think that name is unfit. i mean i know it’s flashy because of adobe flash but when i hear flashy i think of The Flash

Wow, I can change the coding font’s style and size!
But when I do, my code gets removed… is that supposed to happen?

Oh, and now you can type " ` "

well done !
keep on with the good work
i’m particulary happy with the new console

few bugs and things that bother me.

  • indents are not 4 spaces and actually vary between references
  • tab things at top scrolls from top to bottom

other things not mentioned (probably much more to come)

  • the code is cursed in general, it deletes stuff when you exit and re-enter
  • one time i got some kinda “$$somethingWick$Something = Infinity to disable some message” and i couldn’t use the reference
  • the new event selection buttons are hugeScreen Shot 2020-10-22 at 10.34.06 AM

nice to know that I’m not the only one seeing this

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The built-in console is a great addition. Thank you!

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myVar = 99;
console.log("Hello world! "+myVar);

just a theory… (It is good though)


Flash started dying since 2009 when Steve Jobs announced that their Apple devices will not have Flash Player. It is official that Adobe will start not supporting the Flash Player after the end of this year. Flashy the ghost might represents the soul of Flash being freed from Adobe and it found a new home within this Wick Editor. A Home that is open Source and Free to use.

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it’s kinda like a setText

also, I like ur theory @Jovanny, it might be true

We should do an animation of that… :smiley: (later…)

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But is the ghost wicked?


I’m not trying to say that wick is evil, but that just stood out to me

I just searched for that word… wicked… I don’t think so… who knows.

hmm… hey, @Luxapodular, maybe you can tell us a little bit about yourself and how Wick came to be? That would be great :D

I read some amazing stories online about you and @zrispo making wick for a college project, and feel like it would be great to hear the story from you guys if u don’t mind : )

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Maybe his name could be Wickster- or Wicky

Wick Editor 1.19

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The new references section is really amazing! The interactive examples are really stunning, it’s such a great way of demonstrating the code. The only error I noticed was that the goToAndPlay and goToAndStop examples seem to be missing (both show 404 errors)
Aside from that, the references section is great! I can only imagine how much help this will be to new coders.


Thank you for pointing this out (And thanks everyone for the feedback). Gonna be trying to review all of the issues and fix up these problems before they hit production!

@anon43897440, what are you referring to when you say “Not knowing where the text will actually appear”.

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So the text cursor is in the incorrect place?

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