[New Release] Wick Editor 1.19 - New Code Editor, Reference

here is some java stript code i wish to be in wick functions’,math 2+2 stuff like that so you can talk to the code sorta

I don’t know what you mean by that because math is already in JavaScript and therefore they are already in Wick.

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i think it’s fine, it’s perfectly normal. can you send a screen recording?

Oh, hey @anon43897440, it’s because of your font settings!
You changed the font from your Google settings, right?
I did that before and the typing cursor wasn’t right with the text.

Just go to your settings, and change the font to something normal to see a change

How to fix
  • Visit your google settings (this link might or might not work)
if the link doesn't work, here's how to get to the settings:
  • In the top right of the browser, you’ll see 3 dots
how the 3 dots look like

Screenshot 2020-10-23 at 8.14.32 PM

  • After u click the 3 dots, go and click on settings
  • Press ctrl+f, then type “font”
  • Select customize font
  • Change your font style to anything! I played with my font styles before, but I have mine on “Noto Emoji” and it works fine
  • Test to see if the editor works right, then let me know the results
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yes but not all java stript

There’s only like 3 javascripts node.js javascript and typescript they all have math stop confusing me with false claims I DONT UNDERSTAND HOW YOU THIN KTHAT

if you go to inspect and enter function hi() {

or 2+2 in to inspect whcih is java stript

Why do you think “not all Javascript” has math what do you mean by not all JavaScript, there is only one JavaScript and even if you count different variations of JavaScript like TypeScript they all still have math. I am very certain that there are absolutely no real programming languages that don’t have math. The first commercially available programming language FORTRAN made in 1956 is literally named “Formula Translation.” Nobody would use a programming language without math. Even AutoHotKey, a program which allows you to create custom keyboard shortcut thingies, has math in it to. Where do you get this information from? And it’s spelled JavaScript not JavaStript. To do addition in Wick Editor it’s 2 + 2 it will give you 4 you can put variables like x + 3 in it to and there are math functions like sin cos tan abs pow in the built-in Math object Math.sin() and Math.cos() and Math.tan() and Math.abs() and Math.pow(x, y)

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ok i am not reading that but my point is inspect is java stript and this code worked in it

Yes that is JavaScript and Wick Editor uses JavaScript

yes so the code from inspect which use java stript code should be in wick

No it does work in Wick. You need to put the result in a text object or the console

Like console.log(2+2); or text.setText(2+2); If you just write a line that says 2+2 it will evaluate it to 1 and… well you didn’t make it say to do anything with that number so nothing happens.

GRRRR i am trying to say its not in wick but it should be

No consoles and script editors are different. Usually consoles allow you to write 2+2 and it will print out 4 automatically for you. But script editors don’t do that.



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i think it means “inspect the javascript and this code worked in it”. no idea what “this” is.

what i think how consoles and scripts work:

the console is instantaneous code essentially, it runs immediately when typed. there are some syntax differences-- you can say 4 + 5 in a console and it’ll spit out 9. in a script, it has nowhere to go, so nothing happens. only if you say “console.log(4 + 5)”, it’ll appear in the console. my guess is that in the console, it assumes that something alone is for the console, so “4 + 5” is the same as “console.log(4 + 5)”. in a script, it doesn’t assume anything. it means nothing to the script, and it, therefore, goes nowhere.

so time_to_draw, 2+2 spitting out 4 only works in the console, not the script.

did that make sense to anyone?

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Try using “Noto Emoji”

That’s good to hear :D

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  • Wow, the colors of the numbers get a darker color :O

  • I feel like this is getting off-topic (not wick related) :rabbit:

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The Wick team is actually working on making the hitTest function in 1.19 better than ever :D