(New!) Wick Editor Version 1.17.1 - New Clip Options, Editor Options, Onion Skinning, and More!

Hi Everyone!

1.17 is currently available to test! Check out the upgraded editor on test.wickeditor.com !

New Features

  • Recenter will now recenter canvases regardless of their size.

  • The toolbar now automatically adjusts to smaller screen sizes.

  • The Video, Gif, and Image Exporter now has an advanced option to export projects at different resolutions.

  • Tool Settings are now stored between sessions

  • There is a new Asset Preview for images, and sounds.

  • There is a new “Add to Canvas” option for assets.

  • Animated Gifs can now be imported as clips.

  • There is now a “Remove Frames” Hotkey and “Remove Frames from Playhead” Option.

  • Engine Warnings can now be displayed to users.

  • Onion Skinning now has multiple layers, so it is displayed properly behind objects.

  • Users can now color their onion skinning with the “outlines” options!

  • Clips now can be synced, looped, played once, or single framed!

  • Videos are now rendered with H.264! (They’ll play on discord!)


  • Fixed a bug where video export did not display which frame was being rendered.
  • Fixed a bug where black bars would not render properly on retina displays.
  • Fixed a bug where the export window would not show current progress when closed and reopened.
  • Fixed a bug where multiple tweens could not have their easing options changed simultaneously.
  • Fixed a bug where there would be no warning when deleting an asset that was being used in the project.
  • Fixed a bug where assets could not be dragged from the asset library on touch screens.
  • Fixed a bug where quickly cycling through frames would cause a drawing error where a path would get stuck on screen.
  • Fixed a bug where object clip outlines would stay on screen during export.
  • Fixed a bug where setting an object’s position to undefined would cause the object to disappear between play/pauses
  • Fixed a bug where objects with a width or height of 0 would break the editor.
  • Fixed a bug where insert keyframe would split the current frame, instead of just adding a blank frame.
  • Fixed a bug where clip boxes would render on hidden layers.
  • Fixed a bug where tweens could not be copy pasted
  • Fixed a bug where the settings icon would not display a tooltip.
  • Fixed a bug where the fill bucket would use hidden layers when filling.
  • Fixed a bug where users could use the same hotkey for two different actions
  • Fixed a bug where deleting the content on the first frame of a clip would make the clip disappear.
  • Fixed a bug where the eraser would erase multiple lines that were not touched.
  • Fixed a bug where deleting assets from the asset library would not delete these assets from the project.
  • Updated some examples on the homepage to use the new touch system for mouseX, mouseY.

1.17.1 Updates:
New Features

  • SVG Import/Export (Thanks @Oliver_Stieber!)
  • On video renders, the render text is a bit clearer.
  • Clip syncing has been converted from a mode, to a toggleable state.
  • Brush Modes are now selectable (paint behind, paint selection, paint around).
  • Onion skinning can now be set to 0 on either side.
  • The VCam has been widely improved with support for more resolutions, and movement.
  • Example projects have been updated on the main page to work with touch events.


  • Drawing on an empty frame no longer causes a crash.
  • The popup system no longer crashes when changing the brush drawing type.
  • Video export now more accurately represents the color of the animation.
  • Hotkeys now properly apply when being reset.
  • Tinted outlines and onion skins now reset when playing.
  • Multi-Canvas selections can now be converted to clips.
  • PlayOnce clips now reset on multiple plays.
  • HTML Export now uses appropriate size on retina displays.
  • Standalone audio export now works effectively.
  • The loading bar now appears for export image sequence.
  • Firefox now exports videos that can be seen on Discord.

Try the 1.17.1 update now on test.wickeditor.com!


Overall I really like these additions so far. I have a bit of feedback for what I think can be improved or what I don’t understand. Sorry in advance for the wordiness.

  1. Clips aren’t outlined, is that normal?

  2. I personally think that the outline onion skinning setting makes it hard to see the other stuff, maybe make the filling inside of the outline a transparent version of the outside outline so it’s easier to see?

  3. Little bug here - https://www.loom.com/share/54a235b298bc4e23b88b115569447803 You can actually replicate the same bug on the same object but creating the bug in different directions. You can do it up, down, left, and right at the same time to get a jittering shape.
    As far as I know, this bug is transferred to other frames as it can to other objects, and it might just be able to transfer through whole projects if you open a new project or start a new one. From my experience, this only gets resolved when you reload.
    If you don’t get step 3, try it yourself. hold right, and it will move right only once until a second passes, then it moves right faster. This is a bug that has been around for a bit, I just never found the right time to report it. This bug occurs in both the regular and test editor.

  4. I believe that this bug still exists. If you take a multi-frame clip (like a running mario or whatever) and copy paste it, only the first frame shows, and the rest of the clip is invisible. It only gets fixed when you go into the clip and change the frames inside it (like moving the images left and back to the right) or reloading the page.

Of course, all the new additions are great. I’m not just listing everything I don’t like for the sake of it. The recenter change is super useful. I’m sure that the future of Wick is very bright. Keep it up!


@awc95014 Thanks so much for this feedback. I’ll break it down into bugs and we’ll try to fix these ASAP!

As far as the points you mentioned.

  1. This is intentional! You can turn this setting off by pressing the “9” key. Outlining clips makes it possible to differentiate between clips, paths, and clips with code on the timeline.

  2. We’ll be taking a look at what the best way to handle this visual funk is. We’re trying to experiment with few ideas, but at the moment the outines are there due to a technical restriction.

  3. Nice catch. This looks like an issue with the way we handle shift moving versus regular moving and should be fixable in a small patch.

  4. Mind posting a video of this bug occuring. (Your bug videos are excellent ways to bug hunt!)

Thanks again for the great feedback.

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On the first one, I should’ve been more specific. I meant that with the new outline O.S. mode, clips remain as a shadow while other things are actual outlines. I would guess that it’s because the editor can only outline paths, and clips and images are a different category. I’ll defintely make a video for the other bug.

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Actually, maybe the 4th one was already fixed. I did find something else that could be intentional or a bug, but if a multiframe clip has an empty first frame, the clip appears as a small plus sign. when run, there is no plus sign, and when stopped, the plus comes back. I think it’s supposed to be a fix so that you don’t have an invisible clip, which makes sense because the hitbox in the editor is the hitbox of the first frame.


@awc95014 yes this is intentional! (The plus sign).

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I’ll be checking this out later today. Thanks for all your HARD WORK.

I guess the pen tool will get updated later (where you can use the handles…bezier)

If you change the position of text with code, it doesn’t revert back to what it was before it was run. dunno if that’s the case with objects.

i had a semi-cursed project that i fixed, but here’s what happened.
I wanted to make a scoring mechanism for Le Tingy 2, so i made a text box in the scoring frame called “tv” and “tp” (time value and time points) as well as death and life values and points. i have a long frame with an off-screen rectangle doing all the code starting on the second frame, and it changes the text when it leaves that frame and enters the scoring frame. if you play the game completely it would be fine, but if you exited it would take you to the first frame with the rectangle selected (it’s not even on the first frame) and if i go check it, it says that tv is not defined. many things are wrong with that.

  1. it doesn’t kick me out of the project to tell me
  2. it takes me to the first frame to explain the problem
  3. the program fully functions
  4. tv is defined

I’m not sure what the problem is. I got rid of the “cursedness” by getting rid of the score frame and the added code. Can anyone help me?

I really appreciate these updates! Especially the Clip options, the resolution option and the bug fixes. :smile:
I’m using the test version 1.17 now for the jam, but I’ve run into a lot of bugs. I’ll upload details on all those soon after I get all my thoughts straight. (I currently have a sorta-messy document where I write down all these issues as I find them)

Colors are slightly off using test branch video Export. This is Mayru’s anim, where the one on the left is the exported version. It’s more yellow and saturated overall. It’s a big issue in serious projects when colors have to be carefully balanced.

Also exported that file as a gif and it caused the tongue color to flicker, I guess the algorithm couldn’t decide which shade to use:

That’s unfortunate, although your animation looks awesome anyway :star_struck:

Oh my god! Is there shape tweens?

That anim belongs to Mayru, and there aren’t shape tweens in this version.

Hey @HOTS Thanks for pointing out the contrast issue. I’ll take a look and see if there are some color settings we can change.

Who has hidden my post?

1 bug and 3 suggestions for the “cut frame” feature (shortcut shift + c).

Bug: when the playhead is over a frame which isn’t selected (see image), shift + c does nothing:
Wick Addframe bug
It should create a keyframe at the playhead.
The “insert blank keyframe” button and shortcut act correctly (they make a blank keyframe at the playhead).

Suggestion 1: Change the name of “Cut Frame” in the shortcut menu to “Insert Keyframe” or “Insert Frame”, since the word Cut is deceptive (it’s associated with ctrl + x)

Suggestion 2: rename the current “Add Frame” button to “Blank Frame (shift+8)” since the button doesn’t really add a frame, but rather converts to blank keyframe.
add frame
Suggestion 3: Create a “Keyframe (shift+c)” button beside the “Blank Frame” button so users can convert to non-blank keyframes without the shift+c shortcut.


this is epic i like it.