Random colors shapes in js in wick

A fast project to change colors to shapes with js

randomColors.wick (5.9 KB)

thanx Hamza and pumpkinhead for suggestions,



Great randomColors.wick project. I am new to Wick Editor and JavaScript. On your code: mycircle.activeFrame._children[0].fillColor=newColor();

Is the following correct?
mycircle = element
activeFrame = class you created
fillColor = action

I think the .children[0]. is an array. However, I am confuse about this part.

I make a circle
turn it into a clip named mycircle
the mycircle.activeFrame._children[0]. is the way to target the circle shape inside mycircle clip
fillColor = action yes
this is not a true wickeditor method to do the things. It’s a workaround to make it works

Thank you for the explanation. I really appreciate it.