Removing Google Analytics to Improve Privacy -

Hi Everyone,

With the release of 1.19.1 today, I’ll be updating the website to redirect users to instead of

This is being done so that we can transition to Plausible Analytics, a privacy focused analytics software. This will help protect the privacy of everyone involved, by not needing to send Google Data on your Wick Editor session while still letting us follow how users are using the Wick Editor Website. :slight_smile: will also be moved to I’ll be redirecting these links to the new links later on to give users time to pull any autosaves they may need.


What are some of 1.19.1s new features?


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new hit-test, new code interface (console and themes!)

thats all i have noticed!

A full list of updates can be found here: [New Release] Wick Editor 1.19 - New Code Editor, Reference

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wait, what about the forums? Will it be ‘’ or no?

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I don’t have much to say other than thank you wick team :)


That being said, will the alpha and legacy editors also move to new domains?

Wick Editor is just evolving really fast through time, and I’m really curious to see how the future Wick Editor will look like

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also, all the websites being on one domain could save money.

I was wondering, why not keep as it’s own site for 1.18 just like the alpha and legacy editors are for 1.14 and 1.00, and have some type of note that pops up in the 1.18 version to direct users to the new domain?

The forums will remain on

Legacy and alpha will also remain on those subdomains!

@Hamzah_Al_Ani, unfortunately we won’t be doing that as it will split the userbase. Many external links send people to, which would cause quite a few issues with new people trying to find the editor on search engines like Google.

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What about redirect?

I’m currently working on getting 301 redirects working for these domains. Unfortunately, through our domain provider these 301 redirects don’t work for non http requests (i.e. won’t redirect because someone didn’t put http before it, not even https works!)

So I need to set up a small server that will do proper redirects. It’s a bit of a pain. but should work.


Would it make any sense to use a JS redirect?

So a JS redirect would functionally work, but it causes a few issues for search engines. In Particular, it won’t make traffic that goes to the original site look like it’s going to the new site.

So anyone that heads to still looks like they’re going to, instead of

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