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I,ll keep it simple i love this site but my only problem is that theres no way to have a save option. can that happen? it will make things easier

edit : sorry for not being specific, i meant like having a save option in a game with more then one level so that someone won’t have to play the game all over again.

was that more specific?

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What do you mean? The “Save” button is next to the “Open” and “Export” buttons…



I believe he means a built in way to save variable data.
Like if you were making a save file for a game.



I actually have an example project demonstrating the save feature.cookieClicker.wick (1.8 TB)
I’m not sure if this one is the right one though.

edit: yeah it isnt the right one sorry



This is a really broad question, but you might be talking about how you are playing a game, then you want to come back to it later and have it save data, like your username, level, points, etc. as far as i know, the only way is to make a save code where when you are done, you copy a save code and put it back in the next time. you would have to code how to read the save code though.

if you want to save a project, then just click “save” and it will spit out a .wick file.

Try be more specific with your question, but we’ll be happy to help you out!



You can use the localStorage object in JavaScript to do this. There’s some info on it here:



thank you!