Thoughts about a few FS's

Add-ons Store? by DylanExists

I said almost all of it in there, but hopefully more detailed:
go to (not a real link, at least, not yet) and sign in to make an add-on. You are presented with the normal editor, but it’s in an editable form where you can move things around, make new buttons, and add things of your own.
When you’re done, you can add a name and description, and then upload it in an alpha/unfinished but usable stage, or upload in beta, where it is stable and good to go. Since you’re signed in, it will automatically be shown on (again, not real (yet)) and you can sort them in the recent, new, and popular, and go through your addons.
when people download them, it gives a .wickaddon file and they can upload it into the editor and use it.
You can always go back to your previously made addons and update them. that way, you can fix bugs or make it better.
Man, that was still really long!

Add a Vcam pls! by Miner_Pro_Man

I agree with that, it’s much easier to not tween everything, even when it’s just a clip. I suggest that you can make a separate layer for the v-cam and move a rectangle that shows what you can see.

Shape tween my Mr.Fishy2008

I think this is a good idea, but it will be complicated because we are going to need a ton of shape hints, and when there’s a lot, it gets tedious. However, for small things, it’s useful.

Thank you for going through all of them, they took me a while to make, especially the first one. :joy:



Yeah, that sounds cool for the add-ons store!
The only thing I would add is that you can get add-ons from projects, although I’m not sure how that would work. Maybe it could just be downloaded from a project, but I don’t think there’s a way to do that yet. If there isn’t, I would say that a download command would be good, but you can only put downloads for add-on files and wick files so there isn’t any viruses.
Anyways, got a little off track there, but I think that the add-ons store that you explains sounds really cool!



Yeah, the virus thing is true. Maybe when you upload and download a file it has a virus scanner to make sure.



Meh, honestly I would just limit the files you could download, just like the forums.