Tool Feature Suggestion

Please complete the following questions!

Has this feature been suggested before?
I don’t think it has.

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
It’s a bit hard to make assets for my Object Show, so I came on the forums and wanna make some suggestions so its easier.

Describe the solution you’d like
You should make the Circle and Rectangle tool more changeable like Adobe Animate,
Make a option to make the line tool more square and less round and also make it so that you can make a line go completely straight.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
I’ve tried making the square tool short like the line tool so I can make new object assets but that didn’t go very well.

Image/Video Explanation

Additional context
Here’s some more concept art:

Sorry if this is hard to understand. Zoom in to read some of the images.

Edit: I also think the bucket tool should be more accurate.

i made this weird graphic thing… it shows how you can sorta do the last thing.

so for the bone doggy tag thing you made in adobe animate, you can do this.


and one more thing, to make a perfectly straight line (or 45 degree, or 30, or any degree), there are a few ways.

to make a perfectly straight line, you can make a perfectly horizontal or vertical line that is very short (so that it’s easier to manage the angle of the line). once you have that, either the width or height will be NaN. change the other number to the width of your choice. TLDR, start with a super short perfectly straight line because it’s easier, then extend it with the inspector.

to make a 45 degree line, make any line, and in the inspector, make the width and height the exact same. thanks to trigonometry, you will have a perfectly straight line.

you can use the previous technique as well to make a perfectly straight line, but if you try make the width 0, the number sometimes goes to a tiny number like 0.001. even if it shows up as 0 in the inspector, the real value of the number is usually like 0.0000001. (You are actually looking for NaN) not sure why :\

from this point, you can change the rotation of any of these perfectly straight or 45 degree lines to whatever you want. and kablooey, you have the exact line you want. it’s obviously harder than just pressing a key to make it go straight, but it works well.


I would very much appreciate a camera layer, like the one from flash! It should allow you to control the camera for each frame! I use Wick to animate stick figures, and it would be very useful to have a camera layer.
On top of a camera, the only other thing that I would like is for the unite feature to work without making the shapes the same color. If you could add these additions in a future update, I would greatly appreciate it.

Or rather, a Group feature that is separate from the unite tool.