Tool Suggestions: Shading, Lasso Selection and Fill Gap!

This is the BEST Flash alternative I’ve seen to date! Is has the potential to become the simplest and BEST way to animate for all who cant afford today’s high priced animation software!
Ive been animating with Flash for a long time, and this program simply has the best and only tools I want and need get started with. Not to mention the simplest UI…! -Only a couple more tools and this program will be practically finished in my eyes!

A unique Shading Tool: Something that will bring depth into this wonderful 2D animating program. Its simply all I need to create a great quality animation and immersive world!

Then a Lasso Selecton Tool: Often I find myself needing a specific area of my 2D drawing selected. This tool, like in Photoshop would be a massive step forward in the right direction.

Lastly a Fill Gap Option: Like in Flash, when I begin Filling my drawings with color, sometimes it wont Fill in because there is a pesky little Gap that I had missed and I cant find! A Fill Gap option like in Flash, where despite there being a small Gap where your stroke doesn’t meet, your color will Fill in anyway when selected!

Please consider these Essential tools! I can’t think of a better addition to Wick that could potentially make it simply the BEST free alternative to ANY of today’s high priced animation software to date! -Thanks Wick Team!


I totally agree with these three suggestions! The Shading tool in particular sounds interesting. In Flash, you can cut a shape into two pieces by placing a line across it with the Line tool.

Then, you can bend those lines using the Cursor.

Since Wick, unlike Flash, always represents shapes as solid objects that don’t merge together, maybe the shading tool can be a variation of the line tool that creates a dividing line across one shape. On one side, one fill color (or gradient, or texture); on the other side, a different one. You can edit the dividing lines themselves later, too.
This makes the actual shape much easier to edit after applying shading compared to in Flash, since the shading line isn’t actually attached to the shape!


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Interesting!, i will tell the wick editor team about this feature request!

Lmao thank you for responding three years later
And welcome back!

i hope @Luxapodula sees this, my request of this gonna be a magic wand selection tool too!

Shaped selection in general would be excellent, especially if I can draw and it gets masked by the selection. Then you can select your blocks of color and color in the lines, good for shading and various other things.