Tutorials - Drawings/Animations and more

It was short, but a little funny touch for the video.

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I just got to watch the tutorial, and the ending was really nice and unexpected!
You got a nice collection of tutorials, keep it up :D


A little bit of Object Oriented Programming and random walks with flies, using polar displacement, and Game (App) Manager pattern:


those are great tutorials. keep hem coming! :+1: :+1: :+1:


Here is a new one about buttons and energy bars:


love the grass design

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Yes, thank you. Very easy to do as well.

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Wow, you made something in 10 minutes that would usually take me three times longer!
The clouds and grass look great :cloud:

I think your tutorials are amazing! Thanks for taking the time to make em’ :star2:

Also, just a tip, at 5:36 to 5:42, you try to drag the health bar to a perfect position, you could’ve instead set the number under the origin X to zero to do that faster
Screenshot 2021-02-05 at 7.33.50 AM

But ur method still worked, it was only 0.4 off (If you round that number, it’s zero) :+1:

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You are right, not sure why I didn’t do that this time around, I think that I was focus on what to do next, and I did the faster way that I thought at the moment.

Edit: You remind me something important. These tutorials are not inteneded to show by any means the best way to do these things. They are just cook recipies that people could use or learn. I think that there will be always better ways to do these things :sparkling_heart::blush::grinning::innocent:


I love your tutorials! I dont really code but I like watching you draw everything


Making your own Friday Night Funkin kind of Mechanics:
A little bit long, but it has some good code there…


Truly awesome



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@Youyou Why mysterious?.. what do you mean by that? In what aspect?

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it was just soo cool i tried to do a remake but i had a problem at line 86 so can you fix that plz I’m dying to fix the problem

here is the wick file My Project2-11-2021_15-24-16.wick (31.1 KB)


I can’t right now… Im working. I would able to see it in 10hrs from now. Meanwhile Im sure that someone else could help you, or by that time you already figured it yourself.


so ok can you please tell me a sneak peek on your next tutorial sorry if i disturbed you

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Hi @Youyou, looks like in the frames default script, line 86, you have an unclosed comment.

Here’s how your line looks like:

if(score === 0) {/*Code here for missing arrows/*}

Here’s how it should look like:

if(score === 0) {/*Code here for missing arrows*/}

After fixing that line, the error reporter shouldn’t get in your way
You might have some other typos in your code, maybe you can try comparing your code to Jovanny’s to look for errors

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but it automatically doses that

You haven’t finished it… try to finish the entire tutorial… @Hamzah_Al_Ani is right, the problem was the comment. Try to finish it, it should work.

Also, try to understand all the lines, not just copy line by line without trying to understand them, It is the only way that you can learn, expand, and improve the content of this tutorial…

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