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Yes Boyfriend combined with Jovanny is really mysterious

Not sure if you are talking about the game character, but I’m not that familiarized with the game, I just put a similar mechanic in the tutorial.

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I am talking about the game character

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Well, I didn’t have anything in mind… so I will make the forum to choose:

Next Tutorial:

  • Chasing Bullets
  • Building your First Game
  • Working with External Assets
  • Basic Platforms

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Thanks! This helps alot

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Episode 11: Building your First Runner Game… Enjoy!

Note: Game Assets Wick file under youtube video’s description.


@Jovanny voice reveal!!! - 0:06

I need some help,. I was doing a little project I made an invisible button that follows the mouse and when you click it or you hit the score counter with it the score goes up, But when I hit the score counter it wont go up.Can someone help. Im a new user on the forum so I cant make attatchments yet but ill tell you what I did so first I went in the frames default script and put
project.score = 0;
and then I went in a button update script and did this(By the way the score counter is named SCORE)
if (this.hits(SCORE)) {
project.score += 1;

SCORE.setText("Score: " + project.score);
does anyone know whats wrong.

Hey @Ryder_Beaumont welcome to the Wick forums!
I’m not really sure what’s wrong, but I think it’s because the score object is a text object, so the hits code might not work on it.
Here’s what you can do…

  1. Click the score text, and click “make clip” (or use the shortcut: ctrl + g )
  2. Name the clip object something, for example, “TextScore”
  3. Change your update code to this:
TextScore.SCORE.setText("Score: "+project.score);
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OK, Thank you very much

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do you think you could teach me some stuff the wick youtube channel only teaches simple stuff PLEASE!!

That’s good to hear

Sure, I’d be glad to help :slight_smile:

Side note:
The Wick forums also has a lot of helpful members, whenever you’ll need help, you can always create a new topic, and you’ll more likely find what you need

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Thank you, again.

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My dream is to become a game designer and im on a school chromebook so wick is the only engine that wasnt blocked and that does not use blocks, and ive got to start somewhere I mean ive got some experience already now I need to get more and use it to persue my dream, and also TO YOUR SIDE NOTE I know but I like to move fast and this is my favorite chat so far

(I looked at other ones before I made my acc)

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I had the side note there so that this chat doesn’t interrupt the thread’s main purpose

Yes, finding good designing softwares is difficult on school devices (it’s a good thing Wick exists).

You’ll probably be able to learn coding & designing with Wick in no time. You’ll become a great designer, that’s for sure :star2:

(I also have notifications on, that’s how I replied quickly)

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Thank you but I said I had to start somewhere I know you said there were A lot more people but I really want you to teach me A little code

I can get started with teaching you whenever your ready, just give me a topic you need help with, and I can create a new quick tutorial thread about it

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i want to make a 2d shooter game P1 vs. AI But I dont know any code for it, Or even where to start

(And I want two be able to pick between two players and one player)

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Oh ok you have notifications on tell me when youre done making the thread though

@Hamzah_Al_Ani do you think we could talk about code and stuff in google slides Pls