Tutorials - Drawings/Animations and more

you dont need to keep spamming, someone else will come eventually

Sorry for not replying, it was kinda late during night (in my timezone) so I didn’t post the thread yet.

I’ll post it now

Here are also some premade shooter examples on the forums:

Click me
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In my opinion is always better to walk before you can run.
start with simple projects , ask specific questions and climb the ladder to reach your goal


Working with Path Cursor Tool… @Andeer, here is your car:


yaay new tutorial

woah thank you so much!!!

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thank you both @Hamzah_Al_Ani and @Jovanny

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An interesting one… Hope you like it.

Game Assets under youtube’s video description.


I have really been loving your tutorials, they are fantastic! I have had a problem getting this one to work due to my own typo/s. Is there anyway I can send you the code that I have copied so that you might be able to help so fix my issue? I understand if not, but I love these lessons. :+1:

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Sure, you can post it in here, by replying this message. I should be able to help you.


If you haven’t already I’d like one on fighting games it would be cool

Did you tried this one…?

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I think he ment he wanted you to make a tutorial on how to make a fighting game

Yes, I understood, but that would be like 8hrs video… I can’t do that…

Thanks I’ll look at that :smiley:

Many thanks @Jovanny. This is what I have; It doesn’t have any console errors, but, the minions don’t follow the master. I have been over it, and over it, but, for the life of me I cannot see what I have done wrong and I would love to know. Many thanks for any assistance offered. I can’t wait to see more of your tutorials! :smiley:RPG Followers.wick (794.7 KB)

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Change lines 7 and 8 to be master instead of Master

Screen Shot 2021-03-13 at 2.18.33 AM

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lol. Thanks so much! I will keep a eye on my case use from now on that’s for sure! :wink:

I always try to use camelCase instead of PascalCase… (this should help)


Here is a simple Flashy Bird game, good for beginners and intermediate. Hope you like it.