Wick 0.13 Update Thread!


Wick version 0.13 is live!
Version 0.13 brings a huge overhaul to the drawing tools, as well as some much needed bug fixes.

Try these changes at http://wickeditor.com/wick-editor

New drawing tools features

  • The fill bucket is now using a flood fill algorithm, making it work much, much better than before
  • Shapes now update their colors live as the color picker is moved
  • Added boolean unite and subtract

Drawing tools improvements

  • Selection box now also selects objects that are touching the box
  • Alt+Click can be used to select objects that are strictly inside the selection box
  • Shapes that are below the mouse are now highlighted to make it clearer what can be clicked on
  • The Path Cursor can now select multiple shapes and delete shapes
  • The selection box can now also be used with the path cursor
  • Shapes can now be rotated using the corners of the selection box
  • Pen tool can now continue adding strokes to other shapes
  • Added preview to pen tool
  • Added new cursors to all tools
  • Text tool now justifies properly and doesn’t overflow
  • Text boxes now have a dotted border to make them easier to see

Other bug fixes

  • Fixed issue with shapes moving around strangely when drawing on tweened frames
  • Fixed a bug where drawing tools wouldn’t work after deleting an object.


  • Fixed slowdown issues when many objects are on screen
  • Fixed slowdown issues when many objects are cloned/deleted

Please post any issues you have with the new update here!

Implementing New Functionality into the Text Tool (w/ Poll)

I’ve heard a downloadable version coming soon. Could you possibly make an iPad version? I know it’s a lot of work to recode it for ios, but it would definitely be the best animation app


I cant use selection


@Glooom_Animation Version 0.14 should fix those problems!


I only just discovered this app and I just wanted to say thanks to the devs, this app is amazing! I work at a customer service desk and am asked to do a lot of graphic/illustration jobs without any software being available. This gives me so much more options :smiley: so thanks again!