Wick Editor Alpha: Update v9.0!


Hi Everyone,

We’ve just posted another major update to the Wick Editor Alpha. Check it out at alpha.wickeditor.com

New/Updated Features

  • Eyedropper Tool!
  • Scroll to Zoom
  • Ctrl + Enter to play your projects

Style Updates

  • Dragging a selection now can be seen over dark shapes

Bug Fixes

  • Brush works on Tablets and Touch Screens
  • Images now drop on correct locations
  • Objects now cannot have the same identifier
  • Fixed a bug where some projects couldn’t copy/paste between themselves
  • Identifiers cannot be named reserved words
  • Fixed the loading screen for exported projects
  • Fixed bugs with Play and Stop
  • Legacy Project Converter now converts frame and object names properly
  • Onion skinning now works over extended frames.

Please post bugs, feature requests, and comments here!


  • Objects now cannot have the same identifier

Just curious why this choice was made?

  • Eyedropper Tool!
  • Scroll to Zoom
  • Ctrl + Enter to play your projects

These are all great additions!



This is mostly to keep identifiers from squashing each other when you’re accessing them through code. E.g. if you have two objects on the canvas named “enemy”, there is no way to tell which one is being accessed in a script such as:

enemy.x += 100;

To avoid unpredictable behavior, things are automatically renamed now. However, after thinking about it more, it may be nicer to do what Flash does - you can have objects with identical names, but a warning gets spit out about duplicate identifiers iirc.


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In my current test project for the NG jam I’ve got some things getting cloned and changing their identifiers after they are cloned which means that if there are more than one of those clones existing at the same time they have the same identifier, which is working perfectly for what I need right now (although I’m sure I can work out some other ways given this update). I do, personally, feel like it’s one of those things that should just be warned about rather than hard-coded as forbidden, but I’m really anything but an expert here so I’m more at a point where I’d just trust your judgement on it.



can you guys fix the alpha-I use Microsoft edge, and it used to work. ive been waiting for a couple updates for a while, but it hasn’t helped.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:



Hey @Ilija_Roknich, when you go to alpha.wickeditor.com what do you see? Could you send a screenshot?

Also, our recently pushed update may have fixed this? Try pressing ctrl + shift + R to do a “hard refresh”.

Let me know!



I think the current method has the advantage of preventing you from accidentally leaving objects with duplicate identifiers around, which can prevent confusion if you have multiple identical clips. Also, duplicate identifiers would be an even bigger problem if Wick gets the ability to instantiate clips from the library (like attachMovie()), because then it can no longer warn you about potential bugs in advance.
Say the program has code like if the player buys a power-up, attach the clip "star" wherever he is and name it "star". If the player happens to be in a room that already has a star in it, all star-related functions will fail.

Though, one quirk with the way things are now is that if you copy the same clip over and over it will eventually become (clip name)_copy_copy_copy_copy... Maybe Wick could rename them to (clip name)_01, etc. so that it always fits in the identifier box.



The progress you’ve made on this is pretty amazing! Most of the things I was going to ask about going into the new version look like they’re there, so I don’t need to worry. :)

I will presume that being able to add custom points to shapes will also be added further down the line? A lot of what I do with the old Wick is making my own custom shapes, and adding / removing custom points on shapes where I need them helps me to create what I need to. Looking forward to jumping into this newer Wick when it launches fully!

edit: Oh, and will there be more options relating to how an HTML is exported?



Just run into this when working on some stuff. Yep, would much rather prefer to have a number added or _copy_#number instead of _copy_copy

Not high priority, just would be easier to organize when working on bigger projects.