Wick format documentation?

Hello, I’m evaluating Wick and really appreciate the effort so far.

One point I would like to discuss is about widening the use cases for scenes created with Wick, a bit like Animate has a whole ecosystem of tools either consuming SWFs or integrating with the editor:

  • maybe the .wick format can be opensourced, or a JS library provided to load these files,
  • or maybe custom exporters could be created and somehow loaded in the editor.

Is that something the Wick team is considering?


can you please simplify this please?

I’d like to use Wick as a content creation tool for uses beyond creating a little web animation/game. For instance you could use Wick to create assets for a larger web app or game.

I don’t think you could really do that. While test.wickeditor.com does have an option to export clips, the only way to use them is by putting them back into Wick. You would probably have to analyze the .wickobj file and try to find a way to convert it, but I don’t think that it would be plausible unless the creators find a way and implement it in the next update.

I’ve found out that Wickeditor is open source (bravo), including the .wick loader, so I guess I have my answer. It can’t be readily used, but it seems simple enough.

Hey @elsassph,

Wick Editor is open source under the GNU GPL v3! We’ll be releasing some additional tools in version 1.16 that will allow users to create individual assets that can be exported/imported into files. At the moment, there is a beta version of this functionality available on test.wickeditor.com as @DylanExists mentioned. You can test these imports by selecting a clip or button and pressing ctrl + e!

We also plan on adding in some additional functionality for improting separate JS libraries in the future. For the moment, the best work around for this is to create a clip and add the library code to the clips “Default” script.

Do you have any more examples of the types of assets you’re looking to create? We’re happy to give some thoughts/advice on how to get it done!


Thanks, I missed the note about exporting clips. I see the wickobj format is close to the project’s json config excepted with assets embedded as base64. (note: I didn’t find how to import back)

My goal is still rather theoretical: when I used Flash I would generally use the IDE to package assets and create clips, I would export that into a resource bundle (SWC) that I would include in a wider project and use the bits I need when I need. I’m wondering if a similar approach could work (with or without using the wickengine which seem quite unoptimised for now).

I think this is a great idea! I’d like to be able to make assets in Wick since it’s always improving and modernizing. (Unlike Flash, which still has bugs and other annoyances from 16+ years ago…)

For example, I’m making an animation heavy project in Unity right now, and I’d love to be able to export all the Wick Clips in a single project and automatically generate Unity animation files from them, splitting them up based on the frame labels you assign in Wick.

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