Add-ons Store?


I was wondering if you could add an Add-on store where you can get add-ons and submit add-ons. You could maybe charge people for add-ons but the creators of Wick Editor get 30-40% of the money so the creators don’t have to bump up the prices of the add-ons. Maybe also make it so you can have a link in projects to go to an add-on.

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I like this idea, but I think once something even becomes a single penny, people start to walk away from it, especially if it’s an “in-app purchase” or whatever. (You might know what I mean when you realize you can buy coins in a game or whatever. You might as well just play the game itself.)

Maybe you can download a file (maybe .wickaddon, .wickmod or whatever) and upload it in the editor in an “add-ons” tab and put the add-ons in. from there, we can use them.

To making them, I suggest that Wick might have an add-on creator, or make the add-on within the editor and upload as a .wickaddon file. (or .wickmod)

About sharing them, you can put those files in a page in the forums where all it does is put the add-on to the public, in tabs like “recent” or “popular.”

Tank u for reading this really long response :slight_smile:



Addons are a great suggestion. We’ve been talking about his internally as well and would love to implement it in some way. What types of addons in particular are you all interested in?

Of course, we wouldn’t charge for functionality added to the Wick Editor, but creating a store for assets isn’t out of the question!

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Armatures, Filters, and Animation (Cool Feature Ideas)
  • maybe a transitions addon? (put a transition style in a frame and drag it to how long it should take.)
  • tween paths (instead of always going straight, allow it to go on a curve)
  • gif import (when a gif is imported, automatically make it a clip) this might already exist, or may exist in the future
    that’s all I can think of as of right now


honestly, I think that you shouldn’t really develop a lot of add-ons, so some people can actually make add-ons and none of the good ideas are taken.