►►**Brick Player share your animation easier!** ◄◄▶NEW UPDATE◀

If you create an animiation and share it over the BrickPlayer Then tag me I will put a link to your animation into the Top user animations :smiley:

so I was thinking about making the stickman animation an episodic series (also you made the post so that anyone can edit it so maybie people can type in there series but if they mess up the post then I would know)

Nice! I’m sure it will be good! also how long do you normally take when making an animation?

not that long if its short

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New Update coming soon

Tell me your suggestions :smiley: :+1:

Download :arrow_up:

Maybe we could have a full screen mode as an option :thinking:


:point_up: I think this line of code with @awc95014 new vcam could help


yes it would

:arrow_forward::arrow_forward: !NEW UPDATE! :arrow_backward::arrow_backward:

Update 1.2.1

The new Update Adds FULLSCREEN! also a way easier way to add the animation!


The bricklayer is an HTML player for your animations! The brickplayer Helps you sharing your animations Easier! with a Built-in timeline users can jump around in an animation!
VideoIN GIF THAT POSSIBEL!!!!!!!-min

How to use it?

Its easy! if you just want to play an animation that somebody send, click on start and the player will do the rest!

add an animation into the player

This is also easy at first you put your animation into the clip next to the main window. if your animation goes over the border just do some math and change the numbers in the code a bit ( even i can do that and I don’t know how to code xD ) for more information click Here

Add sound to the Player

GO into Default in the FilmClip were your animation is added and put in the name of your sound More for better instructions click Here


:arrow_forward::arrow_forward: NEWUPDATE :arrow_backward::arrow_backward:

Html: Brick Player v1.212-12-2021_14-44-58.html (2.8 MB)
WickFile: Brick Player v1.212-12-2021_14-42-33.wick (567.0 KB)


Top user Animations

Tag me under your Animation i will put a link into Top User Animations

@gamer_boi : Stickman ep.1 s.1

:arrow_forward::arrow_forward: NEWUPDATE :arrow_backward::arrow_backward:

PLEASE give me FeedBack!

I made some edits to the new full screen feature

Not in full screen
In full screen mode

  • Not in full screen mode:

    • Zooming remains at 1 when not in full screen mode.
  • In full screen mode:

    • Time line fades out and cursor is hidden when no interactions are made
    • Window can’t be resized without exiting the full screen mode, which can be done by clicking image or pressing escape.
    • The same timeline and play/ pause button are used in both full screen and non-full screen mode.
  • Slight vcam size adjustments.

  • Other slight visible edits (background).

Here’s the wick file:

Brick Player v1.212-12-2021_12-51-12.wick (562.6 KB)

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it wont go out of full screen


Thank you so much again!!!

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Oh yes, thanks for pointing that out!
(I didn’t notice since I tested it in html)

It should be fixed in this file -
Brick Player v1.2 (wick) (562.6 KB)
Brick Player v1.2 (html) (2.8 MB)

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Thanks!!! can i give you somekind of special credit? you did so much!! and it would be a shame if it wouldnt get credited

i haven’t been keeping up with development, so I’m just curious, what did you use from me and how, the vcam?

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yes, vcam.You helped us making the FullScreen so i of course credit you


If you shared an animation with the Brick Player, then make sure to tag me :D
Get it right here



New BrickPlayer update in dev
a bit of rebranding with a new logo

Legal Stuff

We hope you like to use our player. but we wish for some things: Let the BrickPlayer Branding in your videos and let the credits page in, this is needed to credit the nice people who worked on BrickPlayer
DONT reupload the bricklayer as your Video player this would be very disrespectful to our team. but you can look into our code study it and then “Rewrite” it otherwise you wouldn’t respect copyright law me and my team have some rights to the project since we made it



I wanted to inform everybody that we have a new Team Member :D @Towim
He Will Help create the new update 2.0 (which will Reovluanize BrickPlayer).
@Towim will write some words about him self under this post sp stay tuned :>


Thanks @Brickstar_X! Hello BrickPlayer Team, I’m Towim and I’m a hobby Java, JavaScript and HTML Developer, which is still learning, so don’t overestimate me :). The Idea of the BrickPlayer 2.0 is that you don’t put your Animation into the BrickPlayer and instead you put the put the Brickplayer into the Animation.


Welcome to the forums! @Towim, hope you like it here and welcome to the team.