How to make an easy 3d person on wick editor

How do i make a simple 3d person in wick editor?

@discobot start advanced tutorial

if you mean drawing something to look 3d, you can probably look online to make realistic drawings. but wick’s drawing tools are pretty basic so you might have trouble.

if you mean actual 3d, “simple” and “3d” don’t go in the same sentence in terms of wick, which is a 2d software. you could try to look at this. 3D engine thing


you mean like draw a 3d person or a 3d game?

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and that would be cool if anyone could make multiplayer in 3d they might be really talented at coding

It is possible to create 3D in wick editor, @pumpkinhead was very successful in doing so

(visit the thread and scroll through to find diff. versions of his project)

There are different ways for creating a 3D person in Wick, and it could get a bit complicated, but if you’re dedicated enough it might become less complicated than you think.

I have imported my own 3d models using pkhead’s 3d engine

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A 3D engine could work like this:

A list would need to be created for the X, Y, and Z values and stored based on the user’s location. They would also need to be called upon to display the objects in the three dimensional space. The objects would have to be placed in the correct spots based on where the user is looking and based on where the user is located. The object must change in size and must be in a different place on screen to create a three dimensional effect. I’ve seen 3D created in 2D editors, like the Scratch editor. It is possible, but you need to have an advanced understanding to accomplish this.

I don’t usually have much time to code, but I had actually started on working with something like that, possibly a 3d editor… and exactly like you said, it is possible. I’ve seen many great scratch projects that have done this and I had actually translated one into wick before.

I’ve revisited it, and using yt tutorials I have a pretty good understanding of this now, but I do expect this to take time and have many bugs, and it won’t be really that capable of creating anything interesting. I’ll still try to work on it, though, possibly after my AP exams, and might turn it into a collab later if I find so needed.

I’m a veteran with Scratch but I’m still trying to grip Wick so making a 3D platformer might take some time for me. One day.

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If an online 3d laser tag game is possible in scratch then an online multiplayer 3d game is certainly possible in wick.

It seems like you are definitely going places.

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