Sharing Projects on the Forum

Hi Everyone,

Recently there have been a number of users that have posted their .wick files, and are not happy when others change or repost that work.

On this forum, if you post a .wick file, you should expect it to be “remixed”. “Remixing” is an important creative act that lets everyone involved learn new ways to create projects.

If you do “remix” someone’s work, you should ALWAYS give them credit! It’s the polite thing to do, and helps us understand the evolution of projects!

If you’d prefer your work not be remixed, feel free to share it through another website, such as or, or only share the HTML or GIF file!


ok sweet, remixing!

Thank you @Luxapodular, this is an important point to make

As the community is growing, more people are sharing their work, and I think that’s amazing!
Therefore, remixing work is something expected to happen on the forums, so asking for permission and giving credit is required to maintain a happy community

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I actually encouraged remixing on systematix os, the wick file is there for things like adding new wallpapers or making a better general experience.


Thank you for making this.