Tetris Dev Jam

Hi, dear wick editor community,

For those who are into wick game development, here is a TETRIS Dev Jam.
Let’s do this for fun and learning purposes only. There will be NO money prize.

However, there will be an original “The Wizard” wick editor’s card for collectors signed by me.
(I know, it is not much, but at least this is something)

See Flashy "The Wizard" Card Here

Participants Requirements:
[1] Submission shall follow and not break any forum rule: see rules here
[2] It is a Tetris game development jam, so every submission shall be a Tetris game attempt. Other games developed rather than Tetris is not acceptable, and it will not count as participation.
[3] The game shall be made using wick editor only. Every game asset except for sounds/music shall be made using the wick editor, so the asset library shall contain nothing, but sounds (and sounds are optional, but they count for points). If there are images in the assets library, then the wick file must have the original vector from where the image was created.
[4] Every submission shall be a direct reply to this post with the wick file of your Tetris game. (So people can learn from you, which is the intent)
[5] If you have already a Tetris game developed or an initial attempt of that, you can use it, as long as it was developed by you, using the Wick Editor.
[6] Submissions end date is October, Friday 29, 2021 11:59pm EST.
[7] The winner will be selected by me based on the following criteria. It will be announced publicly (on October, Saturday 30, 2021) and I will IM the winner privately for the prize details.

  • Functionality: Does the game work? Is the game a functional Tetris game?
  • Graphics: Are all the graphics created using the Wick Editor? Is the art style consistent throughout the whole game/app? Are they appeal to the eye?
  • Controls: Is the game easy to control?
  • Sounds/Music: Are the sounds/music appropriate to this game? (please use free music from the Youtube library or other free-to-use music/sound sites…)
  • Originality: This is a Tetris game, but these small details are original and well-implemented…

I will submit my Tetris wick file as well, but I’m not competing for obvious reasons

Inviting more community developers

Just in case you missed this post guys, you are good candidates as well:
@pumpkinhead (participating already)
@awc95014 (participating already)


What about images? They render faster than vector graphics, so images would be useful if you want your tetris game run optimally.


Only if the vector is within the wick project so we can see that they were created using the editor. Tetris art should not impact the performance, since they are mostly rectangles, but yes, good question. (I just updated the post including this…)

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It does, though. If I create a 10x20 area filled with squares (10x20 are the dimensions of the visible portion of the standard Tetris playfield), the game lags a noticeable amount. I need a tiled background so the player can count the number of tiles (e.g. to determine if they can perform a Tetris, i.e. a 4 line clear using the “I” piece) since in my project, locked pieces become completely monochrome for performance reasons.

Anyway, I already created an image for the background of the playfield, which I made using an external tool:

I kinda don’t want to have to recreate it in Wick Editor and then get it into bitmap form.

The rest of my game uses vector graphics though, since the playfield background is just a raster image for performance reasons. However, the background of my game might be a raster image because I plan on making it look similar to the NES Tetris background, which I believe, if made using vector graphics, would cause performance problems.

I’m hoping that maybe you could make some exception or change the rules a bit? But if you insist on keeping it this way, I will comply. I just would prefer not doing extra work.

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That could definitely affect the performance, but that is your preference (using a grid like that). Recreating that in the wickEditor is fairly simple… It could take you 10 minutes or less. It is very important for this game jam to develop all the game assets within the editor. My implementation will not have a grid, and so far it is fairly good. I’m using a full 200px/400px vector rectangle for the 10x20 gameplay area.

I’ll try to make a version with the grid, but not converted to pngs to test the performance… I believe that the performance should not be affected if we put all the rectangles under one clip without scripts and/or movements (but I’m not sure).


it’s okay for my board to not be the guideline size, right? i’m not the greatest coder, and my current tetris game can handle approximately a 6x12 board on my computer. if i go to a 10x20, i’m kinda screwed…

fun fact, a tetris board is actually 10x40, but only 20 rows are visible (another fun fact, sometimes half of the 21st row is shown).

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At least for this dev jam, we don’t have any guidelines or rule regarding the grid dimensions. If with a different grid size you somehow make it work or make it better… that is more than welcome.


jovanny i can proudly state that you are my friend and so im in bro :D


One week left : ). Happy Tetris development!

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this post doubles as a progress report and a survey/poll.


  • left: move left
  • right: move right
  • down: soft-drop
  • space: hard-drop
  • up, X: clockwise
  • Z: counterclockwise

there is no lock delay, hold, next queue, 7-bag randomization, or dying yet.

I’d like to know, what fps is everyone getting between the normal version and the simple version? the only difference is how the blocks look, one is shaded/highlighted and the other is just solid color.
block game10-23-2021_14-10-05.html (2.2 MB)
block game simple10-23-2021_14-10-21.html (2.2 MB)

(can’t do much about the last 3 options)

  • they both run perfectly, 30 fps for both
  • the simple one works well, but the normal one is slower if you fill the board with blocks
  • they are both playable, but less than 30 fps
  • the normal one runs way slower
  • they both suck

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and if anyone wants to know why this game looks horrendous, it’s because my main focus is getting some of the other stuff down… for example, SRS rotation… it looks really dumb but this is what it’s meant to do, lol. you’ll also notice some other minor details, like the fact that blocks are dimmed when they are placed.

some generic rotation stuff

t-spin triple


It doesn’t look horrendous at all…

ah, i was just being a bit harsh on myself. i always seem to do this a lot :\

but i just meant that i didn’t do much to the graphics.

The pieces are good looking at least. In terms of performance, depending on the gird size and how many things you have on the screen at the same time, etc… I think that one piece falling is not a good test for a final game performance.

i tested the performance by playing “normally” (filling the stack with blocks). if you don’t fill the stack at all, the graphics don’t do anything since they aren’t displayed. when you fill (most of) the board with blocks, the graphics will affect the performance.

Even in your M1? (dang!)

it goes down to about 20-25 fps, which actually isn’t super significant in the context of a simple tetris game.

once i hide the “darkness” of placed blocks, it improves as well.

also… (hold doesn’t work yet, but there is 7-bag in place)

idk why the fps says 23, it was smooth, maybe just got bad timing on the screenshot

Have you tried to convert your art to png?

i have not… i’ll try it. and in the meantime i’ll use a nicer blocksin that i made a few days ago…


wow, that’s a huge difference… (i didn’t change the next queue’s skin yet, and i didn’t adjust the board width/height completely yet)

i’m considering making a skin that fits this theme better…

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Do you mean the pngs?