Forum Fighters: Rewritten (Discontinued)

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  1. Topic of topicThis topic is to start the project of redoing forum fighters
  2. Time Frame:
    December 31th, 2021 or before, but will discuss with other members, this section will be filled within 4 days
    4.** joining Requirements:**
  • determination
  • active consistently or checks up on topic every 3 days (at least)
  • active participation after joining
  1. Project Requirements:
    Currently topic of discussin, 4 days requested
  2. Project Leads:+ members
    Baron (main leader)
    H.A (leader)
    Pumpkin head (leader)
    Me(tryo) (leader)
    Mojad (maybe)
    Kringle pringles
    Butt (maybe)
    B.S.A (maybe)
    Jovanny ;)

+Missing people will fill later

Ok now that’s out of the way, welcome back everyone! (especially mojad)
Real quick tho I need help
@pumpkinhead / @Hamzah_Al_Ani
Could either of you two ping and find others in the old project while also transferring any spare assets into this new project (actually that’s if you DO want to keep working on this)

Could you create a new project and set the stage right for us?

  • Back from the dead and reporting for duty!

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After a long hiadas we must have a roll call on who’s still alive and working

And last but not least if your new here and wondering what this is all about/want to join, try and read the previous forum fighter topics to get a good trip on things ( look up my and @butt 's profiles to find them!)

Important link Forum Fighters: Rewritten (Discontinued)

Discussin begins in 72 hours past the post



If you need any stages done I can do that

Also I’d love to have a character but if you can’t do that its ok

alright… i will try my best to find time to make something work.

i plan to:

  • take the platformer engine
  • make sure there are parameter things that would make sense, like width/height, speed, jump height, etc
  • make a basic player with basic animations (i’m talking a rectangle with text displaying what it’s doing)
  • start on attacks with an attacking hitbox???

Yeah lol I really should’ve thought my name through :laughing:


Back from the dead and reporting for duty My good sir!

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Keep in mind I won’t be as active with making progress as before with school and sports around, yet I’ll be glad to report back to duty, and I still check the forums daily.

Now that we’re starting again, where shall we start?

am I gonna be a character?

just asking

if i am just make me a nugget

Few things to consider…
[1] The test version (1.19.4) has the ability to check “hits” against child clips… We should use that. I’m using it to develop Flashy Adventures from scratch, and it is stable. That will save us a lot of headaches… So, every fighter clip should have inside an invisible collision box… So we don’t have to maintain separate things…
[2] Work on design first. “It is impossible to go to a place if you don’t know where that place is”. In the requirements phase, don’t over-complicate things… Let make short smart goals. We should not work everything in parallel…
[3] Work on the fighting engine first, with only a blank stage, two health bars, and 1 engine’s character, and a clone of that character for player 2. (No OCs for now).
[4] The engine’s character will represent the later OCs to be added. They should be able to move, jump, punch/kick, and one special… just to mention some moves, but keep it simple.
[5] Divide the work into development phases. Not everyone should work in every phase.
[6] Every small phase should be compound by a small team.

** I’m not telling this as a mod, just as a software developer. **


so if everything inside the purple clip is also a clip and I call hits() on the purple clip, what happens? what I want is the left scenario.

(note: i won’t use this for player hitboxes, i will use a normal rectangle. this is because when the hitbox changes, it can be inside walls, and my engine’s math depends on a hitbox the same size.)

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So… your fighter will contain one collider for your engine… internally. Let call it eCollider. You will use fighter.eCollider and it shape will never change, so your engine will work… Something like this…

** You might need to modify what you have a little bit… after all, this is not a platformer, so you could start a new development branch of your engine and tailor it to be the Fighter Engine.


jovanny to the rescue

Oh… no in that way… it is just, this is the second attempt, and we can modify some things to avoid headaches.

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Oh yes,
Would you 3 come and help us?

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Sure! Do I make music/art as usual? :man_dancing:

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Oh we’re actually doing it again? Cool… What should I say? Umm I’ll code too, like last time.

Though I’m not feeling confident @mojad is actually coming back for real…


New Here! Think i may be good in the animation and design areas. Can anyone give me a summary on what this is abt?
ps: can’t code stuff, best i can do is a texture switching button or hit triggers, though i am learning and do know a few other things.

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ok fam, lots to know but in under 5 sentences

  • Forum fighters was the biggest collab in the actual history of the forums but it died out
  • so we reincarnated it as FF rewritten and after we recall old members we start the discussion
  • ff failed due to lack of prioritization, participation and slow progress (among other problems)
  • this will be different
  • if you want a full grip on stuff read the old topics about FF

and about you joining… yes sure, AS LONG AS YOU CONTINUE CONTRIBUTING (or at least trying to)

Is it kinda like a Fighting game or rpg?