Pixel Lide (Pixel art/ animations!)

It kinda is, if you put it this way:


(Change name with the name of the stored variable)

So the end result should be
If save null, then alert
Else, get value and go to that frame
Thanks for your help :wink:
Willing to say how it goes!

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Yes, the end results is up to you (the programmer)

Good luck with your project :four_leaf_clover:

@Hamzah_Al_Ani , quick follow up, it doesn’t work. Here’s the load button code

When i click it, the button gets the save but the gotoandstop part doesn’t work, so it doesn’t go to the frame, but there’s no syntax errors, it just won’t work
If you need to directly mod it here’s the file squareadventures3-30-2021_9-14-06.wick

You forgot to set the save variable, I added a new layer that goes over all the frames with levels, and added this code in it:

// Add to this array all the frames that have levels
var Frames_With_Levels=[12,13,14,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26];

// Check to see if the current frame is a level
    // Set the save

Try this:
squareadventures3-30-2021_10-07-56.wick (2.6 MB)

Try to play in classic mode first without loading the save, then pause the game, and restart it, and let me know if it takes you back to the level you were on

is this opensource?

yes, this is open source, thanks for asking

I’ll try to share the Wick file here after every update

(File Size: 141.4 KB)

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I fixed up the blob’s grammar so now he speaks in perfect English! Not sure if i can post it without getting the topic closed
@Jovanny is it possible for me to post my contribution here without getting the topic closed?

hmm… I might make a github page for Pixel Lide where people can access all files and make changes (just to keep things organized). I’ll let you guys know once I’m done

I only close topics when people start posting things unrelated to wick. In your case, sevonix server stuff, other places member list / accounts outside here with members that you took from here, chats outside etc…

It is not about you, it is about content. If you post wick projects, you will be just fine. Using an external share drive/disk, or server, or services to post wick files is allowed. (google drive should be just fine, among others…)

Best luck.

So i can post my contribution, just checking one more time, cause someone’s just gonna say this is a collab not tagged right And then it gets closed.

Hi @Watrmeln
If you understand that you are not violating any of these rules, then you should be just fine.

Good point @Watrmeln@Hamzah_Al_Ani, Are you planning to make a collab out of this topic?

@Watrmeln, if is a one time thing, just do it… if your plan is to keep posting improvements etc… you should ask @Hamzah_Al_Ani first, and then if he is agree with a collab, then he should open a collab for this project.

No, this is just a one time fix for grammar and logos (not mine) @Hamzah_Al_Ani
New Pixel Animator3-31-2021_14-26-09.wick (149.6 KB) just put it here


Thank you for taking the time to make these edits (I appreciate it) but…

(also, Lide studios already has a logo)

I’ll leave this thread as it is.
Anyone can feel free to “remix” the project though
(credit will be fairly given), but it’s not an official collab.

Been 12 days, and I got a good amount of progress done.
Sorry for not making much updates (been working on other projects), but version 0.05 is finally here!

Here’s what’s new in this version:

  • 0.05 loads projects faster than 0.04 :file_folder:
  • The background color is adjustable :paintbrush:
  • Onion skinning has been added! Still needs a LOT of work though :grimacing:
  • I changed/ added some timeline options: :walking_man:
    • Default: The timeline plays normal
    • Reversed: The timeline plays forwards, then plays backwards
    • Limit: The timeline plays to a specific frame before re-playing
  • New: alert systems (credit to Revon & his tutorial) :left_speech_bubble:
    (Uses sweetalert.js)
  • New: Bug Reporting code :bug:
    If you don’t know how you got a bug, and wanna report it, the “Bug Reporting code” will help me track down what you did to get that bug to happen (ex: enabled onion skinning, opened file, restarted project, that’s the type of info this code has - and it’s not that long!)
  • Share links FINALLY work! :link:
    (Now there’s a “copy” button to copy the whole link, and an “open” button to open the link in a new tab)
  • New “cursor style” :computer_mouse:
  • etc.

Screenshot 2021-04-12 12.16.16 PM Screenshot 2021-04-12 9.49.49 AM Screenshot 2021-04-12 9.49.44 AM
Screenshot 2021-04-12 9.49.36 AMScreenshot 2021-04-13 10.34.34 PM

Next thing on my todo list is:

  • finishing up tutorials and adding more in
  • Adding a more recognizable method for changing bg color
  • Onion skinning forward, past, and present option
  • Find a method to make url shorter

Feel free to make any other suggestions

Also, since share links are a bit… “too long” … you can always download a blob file, change it’s file format to html, and share it here instead (Pixel Lide can run any text related format that has a project code, so you won’t have to change the file back to “blob”)

Here’s a quick project of the sun wearing sunglasses Pixel_Lide_.html (58.1 KB)

Screenshot 2021-04-08 11.29.26 AM

Pixel Lide is available here:

Here’s the html file for those who want to download Pixel Lide:
New Pixel Animator4-13-2021_22-47-23.html (2.3 MB)


Thanks that is Verry Nice :slight_smile:

i tried searching it up and i couldn’t find it. maybe you could find it only because you made it yourself and you visited that site many times or something like that.


i see it though, when i search it up. are you sure you clicked “Search instead for pixel lide”?


ok, now i see some forum posts and the mozilla site. don’t see the repl though.